Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Freddy Mercury, sneezing pandas and men in slingshots. It's a good month!

Most people when asked what their favourite time of year is would normally reply Christmas time or summertime or Hammer time...

Hey, it's a legitimate TIME. 
Anyone who agrees with me, kisskiss I love you and you look skinny. Have you lost weight?
The rest of you please focus on the picture below for 30 seconds without looking away.

That was your punishment, you are now going to have dreams about him for the next week. 

Anyhoo like I was saying, I try to avoid answering that question  because it just leads to more questions and phrases like 'power of attorney' and 'but doors that lock on the outside are a good thing, Mel '  suddenly start getting thrown around.
So I decided today to just get it out in the open once and for all.
It is time for the best time of the year to begin.

               I am Queen of All and All I Sayeth is the Trutheth month.

Freddy Mercury says - You goeth girl! Being a Queen rocks!!
Actually he would probably just be muttering 'brainzzz,brainzzz' cause he's dead and would only speak as he tries to munch on your head all zombie like.

So 'I am Queen of All' month has been kept in the downlow for a while now.
This too is an actual time you naysayers.
No no no no, don't bother looking it up because it is only in the ' we are too cute and funny to have to make sense '  calender. Not the old ' I have wrinkles from boring old working and worrying about paying bills, not from laughing too much at baby panda's sneezing videos instead of looking for a job'  people calenders. 

                                       Hahahahhaha...*sniff* too cute! Sorry, there pops another cutie patootie wrinkle.

My fiance , the Frenchmen, says I should be putting 'decade' instead of 'month' but he is a member of the old wrinklyworrier group so he doesn't know any better.
You'll just have to take my word on it.
(It's okay, Frenchie I'll still hang out with you though.)


I would tell you more about it right now but it is officially Nacho with a sprinkling of blue cheese (from being too old, not from being actual blue cheese) day and I have to be at the actual ribbon cutting ceremony. 
By ribbon I mean nacho bag and by cutting I mean ripping open with my teeth.
It's very stressful keeping all these ceremonies straight but since I'm the 'Queen' I have to suck it up and push ahead.
Will keep you updated on the following 34-93 days (see being the Queen I also get to decide how long a month is now. Sweet, right?) about various activities and events going on.
Just a sample of upcoming fun might include
How many days can I be in the same clothes 24/7 without anyone commenting week?
The old blind fold smelling contest of 'Which one is the actual dog?' For some reason this one usually follows the previous.  
Go figure!
We usually end the month with my version of the Hunger Games but in my version you put two reality stars in a room and ...well, you'll see.
Let the Month begin and may the odds be...well, odd.

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