Monday, 25 June 2012

I have met the devil, she has a ponytail and wears yoga pants...

Even if you're not Catholic we all have heard the stories about the scary fella living beneath us with the little red horns.

(No, not that fella. That's my uncle Steve and hopefully he will move out and stop reliving halloween daily. Dude! It's creepy, stop!)
On the plus side we no longer have rugrats at our door on Halloween
Sometimes creepiness mini Mars bars.

Sorry about that, back to the real devil.
When most people think of the devil and hell they picture a hideous creature with horns who snaps his gum constaaantly in a triplex of fire and no cable...'shudder'

We all have our own version of hell.

I've met her...actually I've met all of them.
------? Her?  All of them?
Yep,and yep.
 Shocked you didn't I?

You're like 'WHAT?!"
I'm like 'YA-HUNH!"
You're like 'NO WAY!"
I'm like "WAY!"

10 points to who got the 'inconceivable' movie reference.
No really keep track as big, no Huge prize for the winner .
FYI How do most of you feel about balls of dog hair? Big ones?

I met her in a seemingly innocuous place.


After all these centuries of tears, screams and causing people agony she figured let's make a little bit of coin with this.

(Recession hit everyone folks, those daily pineapples, that are shoved up Hitlers you know where, don't come cheap)

She prettied herself up along with her fellow devils, okay, to be specific there isn't really a bunch of devils they are just her minions (motivators) to lure people in.

This is what I see at bootcamp when  they are trying to 'motivate' (hurt) me.

The minions motivators are gorgeous ladies who suddenly appear beside you during bootcamp just when you are ready to say uncle (Not uncle Steve though, eww!) and urge you to keep going.

She makes a different minion for all types of people.

There's the one who...

You know what?
I'm going to hold off describing them right now because if my instincts are right and they might be reading this I might actually have some leverage for slacking off.

Hmm, maybe some of her devilish nature is rubbing off on me.

Until next time, my minions.


  1. I'm pretty sure you're right, boot camp is a concept that was created in the pits of hell. If I want people to yell at me and make me do things I don't want to do, I'll go visit my parents, not pay someone for the pleasure.

    1. I come from a WASPY like family who don't yell at each other, we just drink in the bathroom instead.

      Everyone thinks we are a family of IBS suffering angels but it's really just a case of getting to that damn bottle in the back of the vanity before the rest of those damn lushes do....