Monday, 30 April 2012

Seeing a lot of sitting and laying down in future...

My 18 year old offspring is getting ready to send out his resume for a summer job to help pay for his second year of university.

That sentence above should make any master mother happy right? 

University- woohoo
Job- woohoo squared

But yet I still hold off on the naked jiggly dance around the camp fire.
(Look we all have our ways to express happiness, that just happens to be mine so don't judge!)
Why, you ask, do I hold off ? Just a feeling I have.
(I know you're actually asking for a video of naked jiggly dance but that ain't gonna happen so follow along.)

You're thinking I look like this
Yup, that's more like it.

So I decided to have a quick glance at this piece of paper that is supposed to inspire employers to hire him.

Work Experience

Employed by Town of Stratford  2011 Summer Employment
(Okay sounds good so far, right?)

Title - none
(Hmm, well just a minor change there)

(This is where it gets good)
Job details - Lots of standing up and down....

After I laid down for an hour wondering what you wear to a  graduation from Smartass college where he will be valedictorian at the rate he is going,  I went to chat with him about his resume.

M- Read your resume
OS- Mmph
M- Did you happen to reread it?
OS- Yeah it looks good.
M- Really? Do you reeeally think so?
OS- It all fit on one page didn't it?
M- Last time I checked that wasn't a prerequisite for a good resume.
OS- You should check again then shouldn't you?
M- You can't put "Lots of standing up and down" as a job description! 
OS- But that's what I did.
M- You groomed walking trails and parks and painted buildings.
OS- Which involved mostly standing.   up.   and   down.
M- But ..
OS- Mom, would you hire someone if they lied to you at first meeting?
M- No, but..
OS- Thank you. 
End of conversation.

I'm not even going to end this post as I'm busy doing lot's of sitting and laying down.
Don't judge, it seems to be a  popular job description.
Welcome to your future caretakers Generation X!

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