Friday, 11 May 2012

I sneezed out a tooth and other odd(my normal) thoughts this past week

Bootcamp thought - Okay Mel, push past the stroke symptoms, you are so not pissing yourself in front of these least not until the fifth week

Making dinner thought -Made rice paper spring rolls for the first time- the 11 yr old offspring says, after taking a bite, "I can't figure out what you just fed me.... yup, it's a conundrum. (Yes, she actually does talk like that)
I heard - "I figured out what you just fed me.... yup, it's a condom."
As if I would put THAT in my mouth but then for some reason if it's attached to  a sweaty hairy man with danglers...
Seriously ladies/and some men, what is wrong with us?

Computer thoughts- Discussion with fellow blogger about the possibility of pair of grizzly bears doing a Tanya Harding take down on another more famous bear which for some reason made me feel quite smart.
Poor bear was 'taken out' by mysterious drive- by days later.
Coincidentally Tanya Harding owns a couple of bears that were upstaged by Bouncy Bear.
Interesting if it were?

Random thoughts while driving -If I can sneeze out a tooth (which I did by the way) then how come men can't fart out a testicle?
You're really wanting a picture for this one, aren't you?
Me too, if you can find one that fit's this randomly weird thought please go to the comment section and entertain me.

Tha-tha- tha- that's all folks from the not quite AS porky as I used to be pig.

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