Sunday, 20 May 2012

Update on measurement nightmare...

 Half way measurements today for boot camp and so being the mature adult I am I have spent the morning avoiding them my staying under the covers and watching infomercials.

Infomercials are kind of a Sunday morning staple for me. 
I'm especially interested in the exercise infomercials,  INSANITY!!


(See it's not just me that gets all shouty after exercise!)

You see that hot girl with the wicked abs who is covered in sweat swearing that she feels great and has lost 400lbs in two months and you think 'I could be like that too.'
(Anyone notice how I keep describing all these good looking girls in my posts? I think the boy toy has been away too long or else I have to start being around some uglier girls)

Anyhoo it got me to thinking that maybe I don't look as bad as I thought during a bootcamp class. 
In a good day I think maybe I look like this

Boom! I am poetry in motion

My 18 yr old offspring glancing over my shoulder to read this tells me that I actually look like this

Jazusmotherofgod! When will this end!
Since I have actually wiped away foam, yes foam, from my mouth during a work out I have a tendency to believe the latter.

So after measurements today there is 21 1/2inches less of me to love.

Sounds like a lot but I might have accidentally bumped her elbow when she was copying down my stats and now I seem to have lost 12 inches off my arm instead of a 1/2.
Also the fact that they now know that I respond to disappointment by getting kind of stabby they might have padded the numbers a bit too.

Four weeks down and have only briefly contemplated, during a horrible burpee incident, one surprise beat down behind the building for a certain instructor. (Just because you sometimes call burpees a different name doesn't make them hurt any less, for example if I call a beat down say.... a cheese cake, still gonna hurt.)

Cheesecake anyone?

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